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    Richard Beymer’s Behind The Scenes Photos of Twin Peaks

    Top- Sheriff Truman, Killer Bob and David Lynch (Photograph: Richard Beymer)

    Because there was no still photographer on the set during the filming of the last Twin Peaks episode, Richard Beymer (aka Benjamin Horne) was given permission by David Lynch to shoot some pictures on the set. The resulting “behind the scenes” photos are nothing short of stunning, but the one below is my all-time favorite. This picture feels like it should be a moment between Sheriff Truman (Michael Ontkean), a coffee-drinking Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) and director David Lynch. Instead, and without Ontkean and Lynch noticing, a wide-grinned Killer Bob (Frank Silva) appears in the photograph, much as he suddenly appears in mirrors and bedrooms. Is Coop already possessed in this shot?

  4. No love for me

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Riccardo Arbizzoni, Vendome, for Italcomma


    Riccardo Arbizzoni, Vendome, for Italcomma

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    Cartoon food > real food.

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Comic-Con 2014 Exclusive: The main bad guy from ‘Pacific Rim 2’ revealed!


    Comic-Con 2014 Exclusive: The main bad guy from ‘Pacific Rim 2’ revealed!

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totodo.jp - モデュロール 第一巻 10,000円(税込 10,800円) ル・コルビュジエ 著 吉阪隆正 訳 国際建築協会 編 美術出版社 1957年 Modulor Colbusier
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    Norma Shearer in Lady of the Night, 1925

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    POLAR Pen, a clever design.

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